Isola Spargi

Capo Coda Cavallo

Capo Coda Cavallo

Capo Coda Cavallo

Isola Spargi



Santa Reparata - Santa Teresa

Capo Testa - Santa Teresa

Pittulongu - Olbia

Golfo di Orosei

Pittulongu - Olbia

Mare e Rocce - Olbia

Golfo di Orosei


Pittulongu - Olbia

Santa Teresa Gallura


Alghero - Grotte di Nettuno

La Pelosa -Stintino


Le Bombarde - Alghero

La Cinta - San Teodoro

Lazzaretto - Alghero

Rena Bianca - Santa Teresa

Porto Giunco - Villasimius

Capo Testa - Santa Teresa

Capo Coda Cavallo

Cala Liberotto - Orosei

Cala Sabina - Golfo Aranci

Cala dei Ginepri - Baia Sardinia


Cala Spinosa - Santa Teresa

Punta Molentis - Villasimius


Lu Impostu - San Teodoro

La Cinta - San Teodoro

La Pipara - San Teodoro

Capo Caccia - Alghero


Sardinia is a paradise destination for your summer holidays. Holiday destinations brought to you by Sea Travel are nearby some of the most stunning beaches in North Sardinia which symbolically go through different historic regions in Sardinia.

In this short guide we intend to describe the most beautiful towns and beaches around all Sardinia, which are close to the hotels, resorts and villas offered by Sea Travel.

Sardinia presents an area historically known for tourism as Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) and Alghero and other areas which are not as widely famous but which are well worth discovering, since they also pride on beautiful sea, coast and beaches: Badesi and Budoni.


Alghero and Stintino

Villas Vista Blu (Alghero) and Sea Villas (Stintino) are located in the historic region of Nurra di Alghero and Stintino, in the North West area of Sardinia.
The most beautiful beaches of Alghero are Lido, Le Bombarde, Maria Pia, suggestive Porto Ferro and Lazzaretto.
Stintino’s best known beaches are La Pelosa and la Pelosetta but also Pazzona, Punta Negra, Le Saline, Cala Coscia, Cala Lupo and Ezzi Mannu.



Going up the ’Anglona coast you’ll get to Badesi, which hosts Residence Badus, number one holiday complex according to visitors’ reviews.
The shore at Badesi is a long coastline characterized by strong airstreams, thus providing an ideal spot for kite surf and windsurf lovers. The main beach is Li Junchi, which has white medium grain sand.


Santa Teresa di Gallura

Proceeding North, the edge of Sardinia is reached: Santa Teresa di Gallura, natural haven for the Bocche di Bonifacio, are the location of I Mirti Bianchi and Pavoncelle.
Among the main beaches of Santa Teresa di Gallura the best known is Spiaggia Rena Bianca, with its white sandy beach which is within walking distance from the town.
Don’t miss one of the most breath-takingly beautiful tourist attractions in the area: la Valle della Luna, also called, Cala Grande. The name suggests how this beach is a must-see landscape: white granite emerging from the water to create small creeks and indeed a true natural habitat..



Progressing in a South-Eastern direction, we will arrive in Palau, a perfect location from which to start the exploration of the Costa Smeralda, also and ideal destination for visiting the archipelago of La Maddalena. Seatravel directly runs the fantastic Green Village resort.
Palau prides in some of the beaches most frequented by North Sardinia surfers: Porto Pollo and Gabbiani right hand side, a white sandy beach about 3 km long. Another highly recommended little beach is Ulticeddu or Li Piscini, a natural pool of crystalline waters nestling among the rocks that emerge from the water, a quiet and shallow spot adequate for families with children.


Baja Sardinia

Proceeding down the coast, we will enjoy the live and bustling heart of Costa Smeralda, the most interesting part of its night life; or even Baja Sardinia, previously called Cala Battistoni. The beach here is one of extremely soft sand and is equipped and adapted for families with children.



Continuing down we will reach Olbia, where Alessandro hotel stands as an ideal lodge both for holiday and business. The beach of Olbia, Pittulongu, is a long extension of sand equipped during Summer with all necessary services: restaurant, on-beach bar, parasol and sun bed rental.


San Teodoro

The town of San Teodoro is one of the main tourist destinations in Sardinia because it offers suggestive natural environments but also tourism services and first-rate accommodation facilities.
Easy to reach, San Teodoro is the ideal destination for a beach holiday full of fun and relaxation thanks to its beautiful beaches and its wild nature. The Gallura Residences? the ideal place for your holidays in relax and fun.



Another location where Seatravel offers accommodation is Budoni, within the ancient territory of Le Baronie (Peerage), where Bouganvillage is located. Here you will enjoy your holiday not only at a stone’s throw from the gorgeous coast of Posada, but also only a few kilometres away from San Teodoro, famous for its discos, night clubs, and a remarkable electronic music festival. Among the beaches of Budoni the most highly recommended are Orvile, towards Posada, Santa Lucia and Capo Comino in the vicinity of Siniscola.



On Sardinia’s Eastern coast, Residence Il Borgo, Orosei, is a residential hotel not far from the sea. Cala Liberotto, Cala Ginepro, Cala Fuili are but some of the names given to the various creeks on this side of the coast. Some are only reachable by sea or indeed through fascinating tracks.



Do you want to spend your holidays in the South of Sardinia? The Residence Le Fontane, in Villasimius is the right structure for you. Villasimius is the pearl of the south, a dream tourist resort, whose population multiplies in the warmer months with the arrival of tens of thousands of tourists. Intense colors of the sea, clear and bright waters, granite rocks, delightful coves, long stretches of sand, lagoons and green hills, scenarios chosen for commercials, which infuse unique emotions.


Holiday in Villasimius

Villasimius is one of the most famous tourist destination of southern Sardinia

Holiday in Orosei

Orosei is a town in Sardinia’s east coast, nestled in the Cedrino River Valley, at a distance of 2.5 km from the sea.

Holidays in the Gulf of Marinella

The Gulf of Marinella is a bay that opens up on the North Eastern coast of Sardinia, in a strategic location between the Gulf of Aranci and Porto Rotondo.

Holiday in Alghero

Alghero, “little Barcelona” is a perfect destination in the North West of Sardinia. Sun, beach, excursions: all round the corner from the beach in a city to enjoy!

Holiday in Budoni

Budoni, halfway between San Teodoro and Posada is a superb destination to discover East Sardinia among impressive beaches, natural oasis and sandy dunes.

Holiday in Stintino

Stintino is ideal for those in search of diving and excursions, owing to Parco dell’Asinara, but it is also perfect for families, due to the beach of La Pelosa, a natural swimming pool

Holidays in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura, the North edge of Sardinia, is a romantic seaside town, perfect for exploring the Bocche di Bonifacio and relaxing on the beach of Rena Bianca.

Holidays in Badesi

Badesi, between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Castelsardo is the natural compromise between nature, relax and slow travel. The beach of Li Junchi and the Marina make it perfect for a family holiday.

Holiday in San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a little tourist seaside resort on the flat coast of East Sardinia, in the province of Olbia-Tempio. It has 4258 inhabitants.

Holidays in Baia Sardinia

Baja Sardinia, night life queen of Costa Smeralda, is made out of stunning beaches, which are among the best in Sardinia. Cala Liscia Ruja, Cala Battistoni, Cala Granu are some of the names of the must-visit beaches.

Holidays in Olbia

Olbia, is the natural haven for a holiday in Costa Smeralda, and also the ideal spot for exploring inland Gallura between Pozzi Sacri (Bronze period Sacred Wells), Dolmen e stazzi (typical traditional country houses).

Holiday in Palau

Palau is the ideal destination for a North Sardinia holiday, with dream-like sea and beaches. The archipelago della Maddalena is ideal for diving fans, while Porto Pollo is a thrilling surf spot.